Thanks to the mom and grandmother of Erika and Nadia Healy, and to the parents of Emma, Joshua and David Matteson and Skye Goudreault for cooking supper for us in November.


The SCENELively children from kindergarten—fifth grade met on November 8. We started our paper chain which in the end will show how strong we are when we work together. We started discussing plans for an adventure in the spring. We really enjoyed our supper before playing a game of 3-Up! In December, we will be joining RBA and the InCasts for some holiday fun. Join us, we always have room for more members!


RBA enjoyed a day trip to Boston on Saturday, November 4 which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, climbed the 294 steps of the bunker Hill Monument (with Louis Nordlund breaking the all-time youth group record by climbing up and down 8 times—do the math on how many steps that is!). We had a good time checking out the food and shops and street performers at Faneuil Hall and the always-exciting riding the “T.” We really didn't MEAN to rip off the Boston subway system!


RBA will be having their first sleepover of the year on Saturday, December 9 at the church with lots of fun activities planned, ending right after church on Sunday, December 10.


The InCast Youth Group attended Nightmare New England on Novemburrr 3. We left Smith Church with 9 and luckily returned with everyone. The witches, zombies and ghosts were all pretty scary however Barbara Daley seemed to be making friends with all of them, I guess she just has that magnetic personality with the dead as well as the living! We returned back at the church for a sleepover, woke up, prepared and ate breakfast before departing for the remainder of our weekend. Thanks to all who could attend it was a great time.


If you would like more information about our youth groups or know someone who might be interested in joining, please contact co-leaders: Barbara Daley (464-5239;,


Fran Charron (464-3630;, Keith Audette (680-0484;, or


Rusty Wightman (401-8223;