Over 40 people attended our latest retreat, 11 0f them from RBA and InCasts. Friday night got off to a good start as we joined in several different activities that helped us to form small groupings for later activities. Mike Bradley handled the MC duties as only Mike can (Mike on the mic), with a smile, a song and some humor. Mike also did the early morning wake-up calls.


Saturday morning, we were ready to go! Some enjoyed an early morning walk, while others enjoyed their first cup of coffee. Our speaker for the retreat was Scott Thumma from Hartford Seminary. Many of us enjoyed getting acquainted with Scott as he spent Friday night and Saturday morning joining us for activities and meals. Scott’s topic was on “First Impressions and Beyond” and included many ideas to think about. In the afternoon, people had a choice for two workshops. Thank you to everyone who led a workshop. Perhaps the highlight of our afternoon was Miss Spider’s Tea Party, put on by the youth, which included a skit from the book. Paper bag skits, a bonfire, and movie rounded out our night. Worship on Sunday morning was centered on our theme. The youth groups had made bracelets during one of their activities and distributed them during the service, reminding us that one strand is weak, but when they are weaved together with others, it becomes strong, and although we can often do things by ourselves, it is often better to work with others. We ended our service in a circle that got larger, so we will have plenty of room for others to join us. A retreat is a special time, to relax and have fun, but perhaps the best part is the new connections you are able to make with people you think you already know. There were many special moments of support for those who needed it. One of the highlights for me was seeing our youth interact with the adults.


They were wonderful! Thanks to everyone who came; it wouldn’t have been the same without YOU!