Update on Home Meetings from the Transition Team ---


At the time of the writing this article, we are pleased to say that the conversations at the first two Home Meetings have been very good.  The conversations were lively, thoughtful and from the heart as we talked about the future of Smith Church.  We also had discussions about where we are presently, and listened to ideas that could increase the vitality of our church right now.  We are looking forward to the discussions that take place in the last three Home Meetings.  We are taking notes of the ideas, comments and suggestions that are discussed in each Home Meeting and will report the findings to you in a future article in the KYP.


It is not too late to give us your feedback to include in our summary of suggestions, comments and visions of the future.  All you need to do is touch base with one of the Transition Team members listed below, and we will be happy to add your voice to the final report of the Team.


Many thanks to all who have helped in making these Home Meetings happen, including all those who come to the meetings or give us feedback individually, to the hosts of the meetings, those who have supported the meetings by spreading the word and the efforts of the folks on the Transition Team and Diaconate.


Thanks to all from the Transition Team,
Barbara Daley, Debbie Gray, Jessica Audette, Jean Crowley, and Rusty Wightman