Stewardship is well under way at Smith Church and to date we have raised $47,360 with 27 pledges and 2 annual gifts. If you haven’t returned your pledge cards, you can still return them to the church or put them in the collection plate on Sunday. To those who didn’t receive their stewardship letter in the mail or their pledge cards, we apologize. You can contact Larry DeLacy at 603-547-0625 and he will make sure you get one. We thank those who have returned their pledge cards and we hope everyone will take the time and fill out a pledge card. If you haven't pledged before, we're grateful for the ways you've already been generous, and by asking you to pledge, we are simply asking you to be generous in a new way, by planning ahead. Doing so allows the church to plan a budget for the coming year so that we will know when funds are coming in and will be better able to plan services and outreach to the community.


To participate in this important campaign, please use the pledge cards with the enclosed returned envelope or place them in the collection plate during Sunday service. 




Thanking God for you -




Your Stewardship Committee