What is the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jan 29 2016 at 2:55 PM
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 Have you ever wondered what the Pastor-Parish Relations


                    Committee is all about?  Read on!


The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee shall consist of five (5) persons including the Assistant Moderator, a representative of the Diaconate chosen by the Diaconate, and three (3) members-at-large who shall be elected for 3-year terms upon nomination of the Nominating Committee, one (1) each year. 


At-large members shall not be eligible to succeed themselves in a successive term. For the first two (2) years following the call of a new Pastor, a member of the Search Committee that called the new Pastor shall serve as an additional member of the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, ex officio; said member shall be chosen by the Search Committee.


The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee shall establish its own leadership and rules of procedure. The Committee shall meet no less often than annually and on an as-needed basis. Meetings of the Committee may be called by any member when appropriate. The Committee shall set aside a portion of each meeting for an executive session to meet without the Pastor present.


The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee shall serve as a vehicle to promote a healthy relationship between the Pastor and the congregation. This will be accomplished by maintaining an atmosphere of open and honest communication. The Committee shall provide an opportunity for the Pastor to reflect in confidence about personal concerns, hopes, ambitions, and frustrations. The Committee shall also serve as a means of communicating feelings and reactions of church members and friends to the Pastor in situations of potential conflict. The Committee shall be charged with addressing areas of potential conflict between the Pastor’s ministry and that of the congregation, and assisting in developing alternative solutions and possibilities for avoiding destructive conflict.


The Committee shall attempt to resolve conflict at its earliest stage and shall facilitate resolution when possible; when resolution is not achievable at the level of the Committee, the Committee is authorized to refer issues to an appropriate board or body of the Church.


All matters discussed in the Committee meetings shall be kept in the strictest confidence.


Members who have concerns about the Pastor are encouraged to bring their concerns directly to the Pastor; in addition they should feel free to raise issues with a member of the Committee in confidence. Committee members shall ensure that issues are discussed with the Pastor through the Committee and shall attempt to keep the person raising the issues informed as to progress.


The Committee shall submit a written report of its activities to the congregation through the annual reports for the Annual Meeting.