Family Promise News



We have finished another successful Family Promise week.  We could not participate in this program if it were not for the generous people who stepped up to help.  The set up and take downs were done efficiently and welcomed our families when they got here. Meals were delicious and usually more food than needed.  Evening hosts had the fun job of keeping either Ryan or Josiah entertained or cuddled. Our overnights were accomplished with little fanfare and families were usually gone by 7:30 a.m.  Although we started a day early to help out another church, we ended a day early as both families had been invited to activities with their extended families.


One of the blessings this time was that a family who had come to our church to ask for help, were given information on the program and were accepted.  It was certainly nice to know that we had helped one of our own.  Mary, Ryan, and Erika were thankful for everything that was done for them.  Our shower was a particular hit as they usually do not have showers in the churches.


Our next week is November 5-12.  Sign-ups have begun!


Barbara and I thank all of you who participated in some way. You are AWESOME!!!!!!