Family Promise News



Our first full year (four weeks) of Family Promise has come to an end and we are thankful for the support of the church and our community. As one of 13 church sites in the Concord area, we had guests for four different weeks. We enjoyed getting to know the families and seeing them succeed in getting back on their feet. We were thrilled to learn that our last three families would be in homes of their own for Christmas.


 In September we appeared before the Lions Club with Cash Cashman, the director of Family Promise in Concord. An article in the local newspaper brought the program to the attention of people outside the church doors who came to volunteer. We thank all our volunteers whether you cooked a meal, were an evening host, stayed overnight, set up, took down, transported or did laundry, we couldn’t be part of this ministry without you!




Barbara Daley and Fran Charron