Since my return to Hillsborough in 2006, from time to time I have searched the historical records in an attempt to find a complete listing of the ministers who have served the Congregational Church from the earliest times of the second settlement in the 1760s. Quite likely there are members of the church who have that information, but since I have not discovered who they are, I have continued to search and have been helped by a cousin who found a less publicized version of the history of Hillsborough that appears to have a valid listing of the ministers through 1884. The more recent ministers since that time may be a more difficult list to compile.

Here is the list according to my source that I believe to be the Hillsborough County history written c.1884.

1772-1803 Rev. Jonathan Barnes

1805-1809 Rev. Steven Chapin 

1812-1816  Rev. Seph Chapin (Last┬áminister paid by town)

1821-1832 Rev. John Lawton 

1834-1835 Rev. Milton Ward 

1836-1837 Rev. Seph Farnsworth (Served┬áboth churches)

1838-1842 Rev. Samuel Tenney 

1843-1856 Rev. Jacob Cummings 

1856-1865 Rev. Harry Brickett 

1865-1870 Rev. Stephan Morrill 

1871-1872 Rev. Harry Underwood 

1873-1875 Rev. John Bragdon 

1875-1881 Rev. Harry Brickett 

1881-1883 Rev. Abram J. Quick 

1884-   Rev. Roderick J. Mooney 

This is the last minister reported by this historian, and I have not attempted to identify the ministers following Rev. Mooney. The first five ministers served only the Center Church. ~ Phil Harvey